38 Sixth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217

As a designer, I have a passion for crafting engaging public spaces that perform ecologically and socially.

With a varied background that includes academic and professional experience in community sustainability, coastal resilience, environmental management, and active transportation planning, I am most compelled by large-scale projects that blend infrastructure and design. As a practicing designer, I have been fortunate to work on a variety of projects where human and non-human systems come together, rethinking the role of infrastructure in our cities.

I began my career as an entrepreneur in the music industry. As the founder of TKG Music Group, I booked and promoted hundreds of concerts in Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Minneapolis. Operating at a variety of scales – from small cafes to midsize clubs, large theatres to arenas, the marketing, event planning, and project management skills I developed in the music industry have served me well in my role as a designer.

Additionally, as a year-round bicycle commuter, I have developed a passion for active transportation issues. In 2013, I developed a four-part workshop called “Choose to Commute,” empowering over two hundred new bicycle commuters. This experience aided my ability to engage stakeholders while continuing to move bicycling forward in Madison, WI. I have since served in a variety of formal and informal roles for active transportation organizations including LivableStreets Alliance in Boston, Trailnet in St. Louis, and Transportation Alternatives in New York.